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Bernadette Abel , Editor | Jan 29, 2014
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Avaya provides easy-to-use applications that help employees remain highly accessible—whether they are mobile, working at or away from their desks in the office, or remotely from home or other offices. The Avaya solution integrates unified communications features with popular mobile devices and desktop applications (such as Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce.com), enabling employees to react quickly to customer inquiries and more easily share information with both customers and colleagues.

Business Leaders:

Creating and maintaining an exceptional customer experience is an imperative for virtually all small businesses. Customer service improvements impact retention and loyalty, helping to improve revenue generation while reducing the cost of acquiring new customers. With responsiveness being one of the key ways employees can impact customer service levels, business leaders are looking for communications solutions that allow people to stay accessible and responsive to customers under any circumstances.

IT Managers:

For an IT staff, Avaya provides a highly effective and secure approach to enabling employees to stay responsive and accessible to customers. AvayaLive™ Connect and Avaya IP Office are easy to implement and manage on a daily basis. They allow mobile employees to securely use their own devices (smart phones, laptops, tablets), and provide investment protection.

End Users:

Whether on the road, at or away from a desk, or working remotely, an Avaya user can be readily accessible to customers via the communications device that’s most available at the time. The result: you share information faster, make decisions more quickly, and answer customer questions with speed.

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